National Firearms Act

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How to buy a silencer

Silencers are considered a “restricted item” per the National Firearms Act of 1934; they are required to be registered with the federal government and require a $200 tax to be paid for each purchase.

  1. Determine if silencers are legal in your state
  2. Find a dealer in your area who is licensed to sell NFA firearms (or contact us to help you find a dealer).
  3. Either purchase directly from that dealer, requesting our silencer of your choice or buy online here.
  4. Silencers will be shipped to a dealer with SOT(Type 2 or Type3, also commonly referred to as “Class 3”).
  5. At the dealer, you will fill out ATF Form 4 “Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of Firearm”, your dealer will help you with this or do it for you. Either you will have to supply or your dealer will help you get fingerprints and photographed for the Form 4. You can also decide whether you want to use a trust or other legal entity for the purchase or file it as an individual.
  6. The dealer will send forms and $200 check(paid by customer) to ATF and wait for it to be approved, you will also have to notify your local chief law enforcement officer of your purchase – it’s a form within the Form 4 or Form 23(if filing as a trust or other legal entity)
  7. Once the Form 4 has been approved and returned, you can now pick up your silencer.

Short Barreled Rifles / Any Other Weapon

Adding a stock or vertical foregrip to a pistol without appropriate approvals (NFA Form 1 or 4) violates the National Firearms Act.