The MPS (Multi Platform Silencer) by Engineered Silence is the most configurable 9mm silencer on the market. With HUB compatible threads for mounting, the MPS can be configured with our handgun booster, three lug adaptor, direct thread and a few platform specific mounts like our MP5SD and UZI mounts. You can also use any of the standard HUB mounts on the market like Keymo and ASR QD mounts. 

Replaceable from cap. Front cap tool included with all models. 

Hub pattern Neilson device adaptor for handgun use. Backwards compatible with Silencerco style pistons. Engineered silence pistons will not work in Silencerco booter assemblies. 

Engineered silence HUB compatible three lug mount.

The MPS can be used with HUB style mounts such as direct thread, Keymo and ASR QD mounts. 

SD adaptor threaded M18x1 for the original MP5SD barrels as well as some of the newer AR9 SD barrels on the market. Comes apart for easy cleaning!

UZI compatible mount that replaces the barrel nut. Utilizes the original ratchet style retention. Special order only, mount not sold individually.

Sound Meter Data

Pistol host-                      123.8
MP5 with 3 lug-             121.6
MP5SD with adaptor-   121.9 
UZI with adaptor-          125.8
AR-15 in 300BO-          124.7

MPS lengths
5.6″ with direct thread
6″ with pistol booster
8″ Uzi variant 
9″ MP5 variant

Calibers and restrictions

9MM No barrel length restrictions 
300 Blackout (Sub and super) No barrel restrictions
Full auto rated for the above rated calibers


MPS Weight without adaptor        10oz
MPS with Direct thread                     11.5oz
MPS with Booster and piston        12.2oz
MPS with tri-lug                                      14oz
MPS Uzi variant                                      15.3oz
MPS MP5 variant                                   15.8oz

Important info for the SD and UZI adaptors

These adaptors change the overall length of the silencer. Due to ATF regulations, these adaptors will not be sold separately. Purchasing the SD or UZI silencer configuration will be the only way to purchase. 

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10/22 Chassis Components

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